Monday, 27 August 2012

民宿地圖 Map and direction to guesthouse

從Jalan Tuaran直路上,一路上會經過天橋,天橋下是另外一間學校,再直行駛,
注意右邊有一家油站Petronas,左邊見到Bus Stop以及交通燈,前方就要左轉。

We are located right opposite a Chinese primary school.
One of the route from town to guesthouse is as follow:
Direction from town towards Tuaran, along Jalan Tuaran, you will see a pedestrian bridge. There is a high school on your left at the bridge. Go straight. You will pass by a bus stop and then there is a Petronas petrol station on your right. There is a junction to your left, turn left and go straight. You will then see a small roundabout. Go straight again for a little more. Guesthouse is on your right after a small junction.

Jalan Mergastua in a larger map

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