Wednesday, 3 March 2010

接管2071之後生活開始變得有趣了~ (Life is starting to get interesting since I took over 2071)

正式開始管理接手2071 B&B是在去年12月。
The official handover of 2071 was actually in last December 2009.
And since December, I seemed to have brainstorm almost all the time trying to figure out how am I going to get into through into the network promoting this place.

Finally I decided that to get things ON, I must get 2071 online! Of course the old way is still very important eg words of mouth and newspaper ads. The results were quite obvious actually.

廣告之後﹐手機開始忙起來了﹐比如不時會收到莫明其妙的 Miss Call 而且Miss個不停﹐幸好我有耐心﹐讓他Miss了又Miss Call﹐反正他自己手累而已。
After the advertisements, I started getting calls from all sorts of people. For example, I'd got dozens of missed-call nonstop. Luckily I have some patience in me and figured that fella will get tired of doing that eventually.

因為有心人﹐不會給你斷續的還有些人打來向我殺價﹐說 KK 市區的房租更便宜﹐怎麼你的不能再減價﹐我只是要待幾個鐘而已。我立刻回他哪你去KK市區租房吧﹐反正那裡便宜。天真的我沒有想到租幾個鐘的意思。
It is because I know that if that person has genuine interest in my b&b, they will definitely call up and negotiate the price. Some called and said that the room rate in KK town is much cheaper and why can't you give me discount as I only needed it for a couple of hours. I snapped back to him that he should just go rent the room in KK town instead since it is cheaper there. I was silly enough not to know what his 'couple of hours' meant that time!

再下一個﹐說是KK人﹐要來租房﹐我問他你自己是本地人﹐干嗎還要租房呢﹖ 他說要帶女朋友來住一晚。。。。 “叮”我才醒起。。立刻問他﹐你要開房﹖他答是啊﹐帶點不好意思﹐我語氣變得嚴厲說對不起我們不租給開房的。過後自己覺得問方面太有問題了﹐可是。。。不然該怎麼問嘛﹖

Later on, another person called saying that he is from KK and would like to rent a room. I questioned him of why does he need to rent a room since he is a local. He said he would like to bring his girlfriend over for a night.... 'Ding!' It just knocked on me....immediately I asked him if he wanted a room just for 'that'. He said yes shyly. I then sternly rejected his request for the room. After that I felt that my questions were somewhat absurd but how else am I supposed to ask??

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  1. hahaha.....interesting. 还真有这样打电话来问...开房也要杀价...要便宜就回家啊!!! 天阿! 太可笑了.isn't it a good experience for you? hehe.