Friday, 26 February 2010

【沙巴。亞庇。2071民宿】來我家吧~~~ 沙巴民宿 (Come visit me~ Sabah's B&B)


2071 民宿是一間獨立洋房﹐是父親為祖父母設計畫圖監工建造的。它已經經歷了31年的人與事。後來的10年﹐我們4兄妹陸續出國唸書工作﹐這所房子漸漸的從熱鬧走向冷清清。。

2071 Homestay is a bungalow which was designed and built by my Dad for his father. It has gone through some ups and downs of 31 years. The later of the 10years, four of us siblings had  further our studies and working elsewhere. And seemingly this house has lost its warmth... but now, leaving only me and my parents to withstand this old house; my brother and sisters have started family and career at other cities. So since we have some extra rooms to spare, we decided to change them into little comfort rooms for the businessmen/women and travellers who need a little getaway~


Double Sharing (2 pax) : RM80 / nite (Attached Bathroom)

Tripple Sharing (3 pax) : RM80 / nite (Sharing Bathroom) 客房設備:1張大床,1張單人床,熱水器,吹風機,空調,浴室(房外)

Family Suite (4 pax) : RM120 / nite (Attached Bathroom)客房設備:1張大床,2張單人床,熱水器,空調,吹風機,浴室,2張沙發椅

Note: 1. All room rates stated above inclusive of simple breakfast

備註 1:以上房型一律包含簡易早餐。

Check in 時間: 下午2:00pm
Check Out 時間: 早上11:00pm之前

Oversea guests who are interested in holidaying in Sabah, please consider the 2071 Bed & Breakfast. Although we may not have luxurious facilities but we offer you simple, clean and comfortable environment for a lovely stay.

若是有其他方面不清楚﹐歡迎聯繫(For more information, please feel free to contact﹕
Kah Li (嘉麗)

預訂時請告知(For booking, please indicate the following details)﹕
  1. 到達民宿以及退房具體時間 (Actual time of arrival)
  2. 入住人數以及天數(幾個晚上﹖(Total Number of Days of stay)
  3. 入住以及退房日期 (Check-in & Check-out Date & Time)
  4. 客人姓名性別 (Guest's Full Name and Gender)
  5. 聯絡電話和Email (Contact Number & Email address)
  6. 確定之後請預付一晚住宿費定金。( One  night room rental for deposit)
關於付款方面﹐請先聯絡Kah Li(嘉麗) Please contact KL for payment method.

p/s 2071民宿是家庭經營並且是和民宿主人一家同住一屋檐下﹐2071民宿沒有豪華的裝修,華麗的傢価,民宿的主旨是給予旅遊的朋友們一個乾淨安全舒服的環境。所以若是對住宿品質非常有要求的朋友們請先了解多一點才做決定。
(2071 Bed and Breakfast is a place where guests will be staying under the same roof with the host.
one of our mission is to provide our guests a clean and safe environment. Therefore, it is better for guests to get to know more about our b&b before deciding on the stay.)



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