Sunday, 19 May 2013

訂房須知 How to make booking

  1. 打電話訂房,並告知所要訂房的日期, 房間型態、姓名 ,人數/性別j及聯絡電話,我們會盡快回覆您是否有房間。 Please call/email/fb message us for booking and state the date, number of days, type of rooms, number of pax, contact person, contact details like phone or email. We will revert to you regarding the availability of the room on the requested dates. 
  2. 經訂房確認 OK 後,請於 1~3 日內匯訂金 ( 一晚房價) 轉帳匯入指定帳號。Please bank in 1 night room deposit into the given bank account as booking fee once room is confirmed.
  3. 匯款完成後,請來電或E-mail告知,謝謝 ^^。 Please inform us after you have banking in via phone or email. Thank you.

聯絡人:Contact person:
KL (嘉麗)

關於付款方面﹐請先聯絡KL(嘉麗) Please contact KL for payment method.

p/s 2071民宿是家庭經營並且是和民宿主人一家同住一屋檐下﹐

(2071 Bed and Breakfast is a place where guests

will be staying under the same roof with the host.

one of our mission is to provide our guests a clean and safe

Therefore, it is better for guests to get to know more about
our b&b before deciding your stay.)

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