Monday, 7 June 2010

不理想的房客。。。。Not the ideal guest

我头脑烧坏了才会接到这种客人.长得样衰不是你的错, 不停的吸烟我也懒得理你,毕竟那个是你的肺.
I think I was stupid enough to have accepted such a guest. It wasn't your fault being ugly and I can't be bothered if you can't stop smoking, it's your lungs anyway.

I'd told you that smoking is not allowed indoor. It seems like you don't understand Chinese? Probably I need to speak in English?? I get really furious when guests simply bring in any strangers and you brought in two and they both looked like the baddies.....totally obnoxious.
最后收拾客房时发现好像二次大战过后的场面...... 而且不见了东西.......虽然不是贵重的东西,可是让我好难受啊.... T_T ...
After you check-out, the room was like after world-war-2. There were even things gone missing from the room. Although those were small things, I am still upset about it.

~~~~~~ We only serve Genuine Holiday Maker and Businessman/woman ~~~~~~~~

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