Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges Room Rate 2013

攀爬神山,只需要2天1 夜,下面的Kinabalu Park 的住宿是属于在公园区内,它有几种不同风格的休闲屋。

而Laban Rata 是半山的休息站,大部分的登山游客在攀上最高峰前会在此处休息一晚。

以下是Sutera Lodges的价目表。(点击放大click to enlarge)

To conquer Mount Kinabalu, you only need 2days1night.
Below are different types of accommodation you will be staying during the trip.
The one in Kinabalu Park is located within the park with a variety chalets.
Laban Rata is a rest stop half way up Mount Kinabalu so most climbers will only be resting there instead of staying overnight there.
Below are price rate for Sutera Lodges.

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