Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Checklists for Climbers登山备忘

永远不要小看攀登神山 Mt Kinabalu,它虽然不是世界最高峰,也不是最困难的一座山,但如果你轻看这登山的一段路,那将会是一段蛮辛苦的路程。

Never underestimate the hike up Mt Kinabalu. Although it is not the highest mountain in the world, and neither is the most difficult mountain to hike but it definitely would challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally. Since this mountain is located right in the centre of a tropical region, you will be going through wetness from drizzles to heavy downpour in the whole journey up. So be well prepared with the following items so not to regret and end up with overwhelming experience.

- Long Sleeves Shirt/Warm Clothes
- Change of clothes
- Suitable walking shoes – sport/gym shoes/hiking shoes
- Second pair of shoes / pair of sandals
- Gloves / hat / mask
- Extra Socks
- Rain and wind gear, rain coat, thick wind breaker, rain cap
- Towel
- Toothbrush, toothpaste... etc
- Tissue Paper / toilet roll
- Sun Block & Lip Gloss
- Insect Repellent
- Mosquito Oil (optional)
- Headache Tablet
- Plasters (for cuts / blisters)
- Deep Heat Lotion (for muscle cramp)
- A couple of plastic bags (for wet clothes etc)
- Binoculars (optional)
- Camera (with extra high-energy battery)
- Water proof bag for camera
- Torchlight & Fresh Batteries
- High Energy food (Chocolates, nuts, raisins)
- Water bottle
Note: Don’t bring a backpack too big. If you drive to the park at
National Park using own cars, you can leave unneeded things at
the cars before  climb.

Please remember that the process of hiking is as much an enjoyment as being the first one to reach the peak.

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