Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mount Kinabalu Trail Map登山路线图


1)Timpohon  - summit - Timpohon

2)Mesilau - Summit - Timpohon
3)Timpohon - Summit - Mesilau 

4)Mesilau - Summit - Mesilau

  1. Timpohon Trail
    • Distance: 4.0 km to junction (+ 4.7km to the summit of Mount Kinabalu)
    • Condition: 88% ascending, 4% descending, 8% flat land
    • Trail Conditions: Jungle tracks and Borneo Ironwood Staircases till junction (Layang-Layang Shelter)
    • Shelters: Kandis Shelter (KM1.0), Ubah Shelter (KM1.5), Lowii Shelter (KM2.4), Mempening Shelter (3.1KM), Layang-layang Shelter (KM4.0, near to Junction)
    • Water Source (untreated Mountain Water) and Restrooms: Nearby every shelter
      Timpohon的路线比Mesilau 路线少了大约2KM,虽然说前着的路途都是类似阶梯似的路程,很吃力,而Mesilau的路程是比较平均,不太多爬阶梯似的路程,听起来比较省力,可是多了2KM的路程可不是那麽好玩的。
  1. Mesilau Trail
    • Distance: 6.2km to the junction (+ 4.7km to the summit of Mount Kinabalu)
    • Condition(from GPS Garmin 60C Sx): 64.5%ascending, 30.5%descending, 5%flat land
    • Trail Conditions: Jungle tracks, Borneo Ironwood Staircases, Rock Slabs, till junction (Layang-layang shelter)
    • Shelter: Schima Shelter(KM1.0), Bamboo Shelter(KM1.7), Nepenthes Shelter(KM2.9), Tikalod Shelter(KM3.8), Lompoyou Shelter(KM4.9km), Magnolia Shelter(KM5.7km)
    • Water Source (untreated Mountain Water) and Restrooms: Nearby every shelter
After that, both trails connect with each other and is lead to this final trail:
  1. Summit Trail 攻顶路线 
    • Meeting point of Mesilau and Timpohon trails or junction to the summit of Mount Kinabalu- 4.7KM
    • Distance: 2KM to Laban Rata+ 2.7KM to the summit
    • Condition: 90% ascending + 10% flat land
    • Trail Condition: Rock Slabs, Borneo Ironwood Staircases, Rocky Surface (after Alpine Forest and above)
    • Shelters: Villosa Shelter(KM4.9), Paka Shelter (KM5.4), Waras hut(KM5.9), Burlington
    • Hut(KM5.95), Laban Rata(KM6.0), Gunting Langadan Hut(KM6.2KM), Sayat-sayat Hut(KM7.1)
    • Water Point (untreated Mountain Water) and Toilet: Nearby every shelter, Waras Hut, Laban Rata, Gunting Langadan Hut, Sayat-sayat Hut or Check Points
      攻顶的这段路,真的需要无比的耐力,毅力,路程虽然辛苦,可是真的很有成就感, 而且景色绝对毕生难忘,前提是天气要漂亮。
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